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Irish Bayou Landmark Fisherman's Castle Has New Owners, Is Getting a Makeover

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Last time we heard about Fisherman's Castle, that medieval oddity off of 1-10, it was on the market in April 2014 for $150,000 and sold less than two weeks later. Now it looks like the owners have gotten to work on fixing up the place, and it's looking good.

New Orleans' silly news leaders News With a Twist has a feature on the castle and its new owners (the feature does not reveal the owners' names, but public records show that LFS Investments, LLC purchased the property back in 2014).

The owners have been renovating the castle in the past year: they repainted it, leveled it, added a bulkhead to protect it and—as one neighbor says in the feature—"added another pointy thing on top."

The owners are almost done fixing it up and apparently have "big plans" for the castle; you can keep up with the project on this Facebook page. Medieval Times on the Bayou? A weird Airbnb? We'll be watching out.

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