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Nick's Original Big Train Bar to Return, Will Include 24-Hr. Drive-Through Coffee Shop

Former local favorite watering hole Nick's Original Big Train Bar—a fun Tulane Avenue dive with super strong drinks that closed after Katrina—is coming back and curiously, it plans to include a drive-through. Just for coffee, though.

Mid-City Messenger says the family that owns the bar is bringing back the establishment, a stalwart in ain't-dere-no-more locals' lore, as a bar, restaurant and a drive-through coffee shop with 24-hour service. The Mid-City Messenger post has the renderings. A website for the bar said it would return in 2012, but it looks like this iteration of reopening plans are more solid.

I guess since one Mid-City coffee shop got the OK for the drive-through, everyone else wants one—likely to appeal to the night shift crowd at the nearby hospital. Just don't attempt the drive-through after a 1-800-F-ck-Me-Up.

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