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TL;DR: The City Planning Commission's Short-Term Rental Recommendations

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New Orleans City Councilwoman Stacy Head last year asked the City Planning Commission to prepare recommendations on the very contentious matter of short-term rentals (STRs), and now those recommendations are here. The TL;DR version? Under these recommendations, you can totally have a STR on your property, but it will come with some costs and regulations.

The study outlines four types of short-term rentals that would be allowed, ranging from "accessory short-term rentals" (for home owners who are present and only renting out 25 percent of their home, or up to three bedrooms, or the unoccupied half of their double) to "commercial short-term rentals" (renting up to eight bedrooms to up to 16 guests in "districts zoned for commercial or mixed commercial and residential use").

All of the STR designations—aside from the "temporary short-term rentals" one, which allows renting out "a full unit of up to five bedrooms to up to 10 guests" with temporary use permits "covering a total of up to 30 days per year"—have parking requirements.

Hosts would also have to:
· "Obtain liability insurance for any rental properties and notify neighbors that they were operating as a short-term rental"
· Pay taxes to sites like Airbnb that offer STRs
· Pay for the licenses associated with their type of STR, which would "range from $50 a year for an accessory short-term rental to $500 for a principal or commercial rental."
· Pay for any permitting required for your rental, such as the conditional-use permit required for "principal short-term rentals," which allows you to rent out your home as much as you'd like.

· New proposals would allow New Orleans residents to set up short-term rentals on their properties [The Advocate]