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35-Room, Food-And-Drink-Focused Catahoula Hotel to Open in CBD in March

Amid all the news of big hotels opening up (or trying to open up) in the downtown area, the Catahoula Hotel—opening in a pair of 19th century buildings this March—will be a much smaller, food-and-drink focused operation.

The hotel will be opening in a pair of buildings at 914 Union St., one of which was at one point a townhouse owned by architect James Gallier. The hotel will have 35 rooms, and is meant to have an urban B&B vibe or feel like "a bar with rooms upstairs," as Keely Williams, one of the developers of the project, said in The Advocate. The bar food will focus on Peruvian flavors, and there are plans to open a tiki bar on the hotel roof.

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