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CBD Moxy Hotel Finally Gets a 'Yes' from the HDLC

The poor Moxy Hotel, which since its inception has been shot down by several city agencies and neighborhood groups for not fitting in with its CBD environs. Finally, the proposed hotel got a bit of a break: The Historic District Landmarks Commission earlier this month gave the project its approval.

Campo Architects' third stab at a design factored in the HDLC Architectural Review Committee's main qualm with the project, which was that the new addition to the existing property was not set back enough from the building's property line. The latest design is set back nine feet from the property line, and the HDLC granted its "conceptual approval" with the recommendation that it be set back 20 feet.

Residents attended the meeting, "which became contentious at times," and "spoke against the project and its revised design," calling it "flashy" and not a good fit for the surrounding Lafayette Square historic district.

The Moxy Hotel is either a case study in taking criticism in stride or unabating stubbornness.

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