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Have An Empty Lot Next Door? NORA Might Let You Buy It

If you're a homeowner who dreams of expanding your property, the lot next to yours might be available. The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) is relaunching its Lot Next Door program, which gives homeowners dibs on vacant lots adjoining their properties.

NORA owns about 2,200 lots left vacant after Hurricane Katrina; any owners who didn't want to rebuild got a buyout for their land. NORA launched Lot Next Door 3.0 this week to bring attention to its inventory.

So, what NORA lots are you qualified to buy?

A homeowner qualifies to purchase a lot from NORA if it is to the left, right or behind their property. A property that only touches a corner does cannot be purchased through the program. There are $10,000 credits available to those who make qualifying landscaping improvements to the properties.

Find more info, and the available lots, here.

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