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Planning Commission Approves Plan to Legalize Short-Term Rentals, But With One Exception

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On Tuesday the City Planning Commission took up the issue of short-term rentals at its meeting, and they gave their approval to the CPC staff's recommendations—but with one exception.

The CPC voted 6-1 on a plan that mostly resembles the staff's recommendations, except for striking the part that would let people rent out their entire homes in residential neighborhoods. There could be some allowance for those types of rentals, though:

The staff also suggested that whole homes could be rented up to four times per year, for a total of 30 days, under a plan aimed largely at visitors during major events. In districts not zoned residential, whole apartments or houses could be rented without those restrictions.So, we're finally through with this short-term rental fracas, right? Nope!

After [City] council members debate and approve their own version of the document, it will go back to the City Planning Commission for another vote. After getting that approval, it'll head back to the council for final approval.·
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