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Mardi Gras Time is Here! Here's Everything You Need to Know

The Carnival season officially kicked off on Twelfth Night, but it really gets going this weekend when the big parades start rolling. We rounded up all the relevant resources, from parade maps to food and booze tips from our pals at Eater NOLA.

· Parade schedule
· Parade route maps
· First aid/EMS station locations along the parade route
· How to use Uber during Mardi Gras in New Orleans
·'s Parade Cam (for when you really don't want to leave the house but want to mitigate your FOMO)
· Eater NOLA's All Things Mardi Gras 2016

Relevant apps:
· WDSU Parade Tracker - provides real-time updates of parade progress
· Airpnp - the Airbnb of finding a place to use the bathroom