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Will New Orleans Become the Next Hotspot for Communes?

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In New Orleans it isn't unusual to live with a thousand roommates in a gigantic mansion that was quartered off into apartments, but what about intentional living communities in hot neighborhoods that are centered around barebones "micro-apartments" and likeminded residents? That might be what's next.
Over at, Greg LaRose posits that New Orleans—with its rising housing costs—could be the next market for projects similar to the start-up WeLive, which is like a co-working space meets a dorm for grown-ups. "In cities where housing affordability is an issue, co-living space opens the door to accommodations typically out of the price range of entry-level employees," LaRose says.

It's already happening in New York: Refinery29 has this account of a "millennial compound" in Brooklyn where residents pay for Spartan apartments; shared bathrooms, dining and kitchen areas; and the community of like-minded creatives (there are house activities like brunches and "storytelling potlucks").

Locally, there are already several "art lofts" where artists pay subsidized rent but are expected to participate in the building's art shows and other events. However, those apartments typically have private bathrooms and kitchens.

It's like a modern incarnation of boarding houses, where what you lack in privacy and ownership over your space you gain in community and proximity to the city center. Would you like to live in a community like this?

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