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The Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year Is Algiers Point!

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Eight neighborhoods entered, but only one emerged victorious: Algiers Point is officially the 2015 Curbed Cup winner!

The 'hood won in a landslide (554 votes to 82!) against competitor Warehouse District/CBD in the final round. In the course of the competition, readers cried foul play because of the number of votes the tiny Algiers Point was able to pull. Nothing was "rigged" on our end, and we think the number of votes is a testament to how passionate and community-oriented the neighborhood is.

Also, props to this small-but-mighty 'hood for dethroning two-time champion Bywater. It seems like the tides have definitely changed in this city as far as where people want to—and can afford to—live. Congrats, Algiers Point! Go celebrate!

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