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Antique Pullman car may become French Quarter Airbnb

It could rent for $300-$350 a night

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad acquired a 1920s era Pullman coach called the City of Peru, and The Advocate reports it is considering turning it into a vacation rental that would be near the French Market.

The Public Belt has invested $1 million in the car, which currently is sitting in storage gutted and unfinished, and wants to recoup the money by renting out the car via the oh-so-controversial Airbnb.

It’s early in the process of finishing the car and putting it on the rental market, but there’s talks of furnishing the car with "queen-sized beds, plus showers and bathrooms, a small kitchenette and a living room area." The Public Belt believes it could rent the car out for $300 to $350 a night.