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Whole-home short-term rentals: Mayor Landrieu says they’re off the table

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City Council votes on short-term rental regulations Thursday

With City Council’s long-awaited short-term rental vote coming up this week, The Advocate reports Mayor Mitch Landrieu has voiced his opposition to whole-home short-term rentals.

Amid ongoing discussions about short-term rentals, The Advocate reports Landrieu said, "[short-term rentals are] going to be off the table. That's not going to happen."

Whole-home rentals have been the most controversial aspect of New Orleans’ ongoing short-term rental debate. In August the City Planning Commission voted to recommend a ban on year-round, whole-home short-term rentals, but voted to legalize owner-occupied short-term rentals and whole-home STRs rented out for 30 days out of the year.

This the first time Mayor Landrieu’s administration has taken a stance on STRs.