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New Orleans short-term rentals: City Council votes 6-1 on regulations

Today’s vote was preliminary; the council must take a final vote before it is finalized

Airbnb New Orleans

In the first of two votes, City Council voted 6-1 to approve a set of regulations regarding short-term rentals in New Orleans.

Today’s vote was just preliminary: Before the regulations become law, City Council must take another vote.

Mayor Landrieu’s administration this week, after consulting with STR platforms Airbnb and Homeway, submitted a pair of ordinances regarding STRs to City Council. While Landrieu this week said whole-home, full-time STRs are “off the table,” the proposed regulations from his administration allowed for entire homes to be rented up to 120 days a year. Later, this was changed to 90 days a year (in previous iterations of the regulations, they would only be allowed up to 30 days a year). But even with that cap, it’s conceivable that people could use entire homes exclusively as STRs if they rent them out during big tourist seasons.

These are the latest categories of STRs on the table, as presented at the meeting:

These “temporary” rentals would be banned in the French Quarter, but short-term commercial rentals may be allowed in some parts of the neighborhood, according to the latest proposed regulations.

At the meeting, amid discussion of STRs and potential amendments to the regulations, Dep. Mayor Ryan Berni discussed possible enforcement measures from the city—even mentioning cutting off power at violating units.

The Advocate’s Jeff Adelson also reports a negative reaction from the crowd gathered in council chambers following the vote:

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