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Mid-City, Parkview historic districts: Vote postponed to next month

The Tulane-Canal neighborhood wants to be considered separately

Although it got overshadowed by the big short-term rental debate planned for that day, last Thursday City Council was scheduled to discussed granting the Mid-City and Parkview neighborhoods official historic designation under the Historic District Landmarks Commission.

Mid-City Messenger says that discussion has been tabled until next month, and the Tulane-Canal Neighborhood Association would now like that area to be considered separately from Mid-City in the next proposal.

Tulane Avenue
Tulane Avenue
Bart Everson

The Tulane-Canal Neighborhood Association formed last spring, further distinguishing the area from the rest of Mid-City. The group is asking for different HDLC oversight for different parts of that neighborhood. According to Mid-City Messenger:

“The board wants the regulatory agency to oversee demolition only from a specific area between Banks and St. Louis streets, and not have any authority over what happens to buildings from the south side of Banks Street to Poydras Street.”

Issue of Mid-City historic district deferred until November; Tulane-Canal neighborhood asks to be considered separately [Mid-City Messenger]