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Marigny Creole Cottage with artful interior back on the market

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It’s still asking $1.65 million

It looks normal from the inside, but this 180-year-old Marigny Creole Cottage has a lot of artful touches that will remain with the next owner. It was on the market last spring, hopped off the market, and now is back once again asking $1,650,000.

Through the home you'll find bold paint colors and textured finishes, checkered floors, murals, and a kitchen where every inch is painted with a melange of pop culture and historical imagery. In total, 27 artists were hired to paint throughout the house. The owners also left their mark on the master bathroom, which has indigo pebble tile, a modernist soaking tub, and graphic wall paper.

833 Esplanade Ave. [French Quarter Realty]