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New Orleans has the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in the state

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Office of Inspector General wants improvements

New Orleans is lagging behind crosswalk safety. The New Orleans Office of Inspector General is not pleased with the safety of pedestrian crossings in New Orleans. In fact, the office says the city of New Orleans has some of the most dangers intersections in the state.

The Office of Inspector General released their report on last Wednesday. According to the report, 87 percent of signalized intersections lacked pedestrian crossing signals. Orleans Parish also had the most pedestrian fatalities than any of parish in Louisiana.

While the city has installed updated pedestrian signals that include countdown timers in 44 intersections downtown, the Office says that the city is not in compliance with its ADA Transition plan.

The office is advocating for more assistance in crossing the pedestrian, including pushbuttons, sound, and vibrations features at crossing intersections.