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City Council commissions study on affordable housing

NOCPC will evalaute incentives for developers to build more affordable houses

The City of New Orleans is tackling affordable housing again. Last Thursday, City Council asked the City Planning Commission to evaluate the effectiveness of incentivizing developers to build cheaper homes in new developments. The intended effect is a mix of high-cost and affordable houses in newly developed neighborhoods.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, supporting a plan like this would give give residents an opportunity to live in better neighborhoods that may be closer to their palace of work.

The NOCPC is expected to complete the study within a year.

This past September, HousingNOLA evaluated affordable housing in New orleans during the 2015-16 year. The nonprofits gave New Orleans a “B” rating regarding its progress in creating more housing options.

New Orleans is held accountable to a 10-year plan to increase affordable housing around the city by HousingNOLA.