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Tulane Avenue landscape developments delayed

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Landscaping development for streets postponed until the end of 2016

Tulane Avenue
Tulane Avenue
Bart Everson

Tulane Avenue Streetscape development has been pushed back, again. This past August, Tulane Avenue was expected to undergo the landscape development, adding trees and shrubbery to beautify the street. However, officials said the developments are pushed back to the end of the year.

The new landscape is set to span Tulane avenue between South Carrolton and Claiborne Avenue.

Tulane Avenue has been under development since 2011. Current improvements include wider lanes, left turn lanes, a bike lane and a smaller median between the streets.

Walter Brooks, the executive director of the Regional Planning Commission told Mid-City Messenger that due to “issues encountered in the field,” and compliance to federal requirements have slowed down the development.