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City Park’s Marconi bike path makes progress

After six years, an approved budget is finalized

The City Park Marconi bike path is finally making progress after six years of discussion between City Park, state and federal officials.

The path will be constructed by Command Construction, with a set budget of $698,888. Construction will begin as soon as December 2016, and finished during the Spring of 2017, according to Mid-City Messenger.

The park is partially funded by the federal government. The state has agreed to match 80 percent of funding raised by the park. While the state originally pledged 95 percent, City Park officials will attempt to renegotiate the state’s match.

The bike path is planned to span Marconi avenue. From there, it will be accessible to Robert E. Lee Boulevard’s bike path.

“It’s really, really important to have this path if you see the number of people who jog in the right of way on Marconi,” said Bob Becker, CEO of City Park, in an interview with Mid-City Messenger. “It’s a huge safety measure,” he added.