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City holds N. Rampart streetcar line grand opening

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Mayor Landrieu is thrilled about the completed line

The N. Rampart streetcar line began servicing neighborhoods in the Treme, Marigny, and French Quarter last Sunday. Today, the City of New Orleans, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority, and Transdev North America held a grand opening for the new streetcar line at Louis Armstrong Park.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu was elated to see the streetcar project completed.

"I’m always thrilled to be at events that speak to the rebirth of the city of New Orleans and projects that manifest themselves as building the city we always want it to be," Landrieu said at the press conference.

"This streetcar expansion is another major sign of our continued revitalization. To remind all of us what we’ve done just in the last five years to help rebuild not just this street but this neighborhood," he added.

The new Rampart streetcar line runs 1.6 miles from Elysian Fields Avenue to Canal Street. According to Landrieu, this has been the first time since 1949 streetcars have serviced this area.

According to Justin Augustine, CEO of the New Orleans RTA, the project totaled over 40 million dollars. Additionally, he reported that the project was done "on time and under budget."