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Top 3 Haunted Locations in New Orleans

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From the French Quarter to Mid-City.

New Orleans can be a lot of fun on halloween during the day. But it can also be pretty scary. Check out these top three locations for a scare this spooky Halloween evening.

The Mortuary - On 4800 Canal Street sits a victorian mansion. While the property was built and intended for home use in 1872, by the 1930’s it was bought and converted into a full-service funeral home. The funeral home remained operable until Hurricane Katrina. After the flood, the building survived but was unkept. in 2007 it was converted into a haunted house.

The LaLaurie House - Just off on Esplanade on Royal Street is a haunted mansion. The house carries tales of misused individuals. And, in several accounts, haunting phenomenon that has moved tenants, and commercial store owners out of the properties.

Addie Hall Murder Scene - located on 826 North Rampart, this place is a scene of an actual murder! Zack Bowen strangled his girlfriend to death, cooked her body parts and committed suicide just before the police were notified. While it might not be haunted, you will be resting where two people have suffered devastating deaths.

And, as always, you can always refer to Curbed NOLA’s Map on haunting destination in the city.