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City Council pushes short-term rental vote to Oct. 20

City Council has final vote on the matter

The City Council’s vote on New Orleans short-term rentals has been moved to Oct. 20, according to Gambit.

The City Council originally scheduled today, Oct. 6, to vote on regulations and future enforcements on short-term rental categories.

The short-term rental debate has had a long history in New Orleans. In August, the City Planning Commission approved three STR categories that City Council will evaluate.

The categories allow (1) whole-home rental for up to 30 days, (2) renting out space in an owner-occupied home, and (3) the continue short-term rentals of houses and condos in commercial areas.

The City Council will have the final say on the matter.

In September, Airbnb released an advertisement showing how STRs helped many New Orleanians pay rent and mortgages. However, the ad did not assess how the renting of entire homes may be hurting communities.

In late September, residents of the Marigny, Bywater, and Lower Garden District held a demonstration against STRs at City Hall.

Gambit reports that a few of the City Council members are openly against short-term rentals or for heavy regulations, including Susan Guidry, Jared Brossett, and Stacy Head.