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Fairgrounds townhouse development faces opposition from neighbors

Faubourg St. John neighbors say no to zoning changes

According to Mid-City Messenger, the Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association is opposing a townhouse development in the Fairgrounds neighborhood.

Alec Adamick, owner of Adamick Architecture, is attempting to build five connected townhouses, with private parking and a courtyard, on 1622 Sauvage St. The five townhouses will take the place of two blighted family residences.

The combine square foot total of the two properties is 6,100 square feet. The City Planning Commission requires at least 2,000 square feet for each unit.

In order for Adamick to develop the property, he would have to secure a zoning change.

Residents are unclear of the developer’s intention for building the property, Mid-City Messenger reports.

In a neighborhood-wide survey, 24 respondents opposed a chance to the ordinance, five were in favor, and one respondent had no position.

The City Planning Commission will have the final say on the rezoning request on Oct. 11.