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City Council approves Pepsi-Cola warehouse demolition

The fight is finally over

After several months of resistance, the Pepsi-Cola plant warehouse on Tulane will be demolished.

In November, New Orleans City Council unanimously approved a request to demolish the old Pepsi-Cola warehouse on 2537 Tulane Avenue, according to Mid-City Messenger.

The developer has several plans for the property space, but urged the city council that it needs to start from scratch, and cannot use the blighter property. The warehouse has remained vacant, and unkept since Hurricane Katrina.

However, in August 2016 the owners of the Pepsi-Cola warehouse withdrew their request to demolish the property after being met with neighborhood resistance. After two attempts, the New Orleans city council honored its request. Members of the council believe new developments, which may include retail residential development or extended stay venues, will add to the value of Tulane Avenue.

The Neighborhood Conservation District Advisory Committee advocated to preserve the building, stating it added historic value to the area, and continues to disapprove the demolition of the Pepsi-Cola warehouse.