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Greater New Orleans Foundation opens its Center for Philanthropy

November 15 marked the opening celebration

After 18 months the Greater New Orleans Foundation Center for Philanthropy is completed. The foundation celebrated its new building with a public celebration yesterday, November 15.

The new center of philanthropy is located in the Central Business District on Lee Circle at 919 St. Charles Avenue. The three-story building took the place of an abandoned Shell gas station.

The 22,000 square-foot building, designed by Waggonner & Ball, cost $13 million.

The funds of the buildings came from individuals donors, foundations and corporations. The Greater New Orleans foundation initially campaigned for its hub in late 2013, raising over $14 million.

The designers of the new center pride themselves in utilizing local resources to create the building. According to an official press release, the exterior Brick of the building was made by St. Joe Brick Company in Slidell. Art inside of the building is created by Louisiana based artist.

The Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Center for Philanthropy will serve as the head quarters for strategic philanthropy around New Orleans, and as a workshop and workroom hub for nonprofits.