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It’s the weekend: New Orleans Holiday Events

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Events for this upcoming weekend Nov. 18 - 20

The weekend is finally here. In preparation for the holiday season, New Orleans has several events to celebrate the Christmas season. Best of all, most of the events are free.

It’s The Weekend: Four Things to do between November 18 to 20.

  1. Check out the Christmas decor at Washington Artillery Park, right across from Jackson square. Christmas in New Orleans started this past Thursday with the 32nd annual lighting ceremony.

2. New Orleans is having its third annual Comics and zine festival. Admission is free, and it take place at the main New Orleans Library on Loyola Avenue.

3. Preview party at the Celebration in the Oaks is this weekend. There will be entertainment, food, music and drink. Tickets can be purchased here.

4. There will be a free concert in the St. Louis Cathedral, located on 615 Pere Antoine Alley, in the French Quarter as part of New Orleans Christmas Style free concert. The show is between 6-7 p.m. Check out the future concerts on this list here.

Check back next week for another weekend roundup.