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New Orleans’ Sidney Torres IV to star in new television series

Torres and co-star to share experience and cash to help investors

New Orleans real estate mogul Sidney Torres IV is taking his talents to national television.

According to an official press release, CNBC announced a new real estate series called “The Deed.” The new show will feature Sidney Torres IV and Sean Conlon as investment gurus saving failing investor from financial demise. The show will premiere on CNBC March 1, 2017 at 9 p.m. central standard time.

Sean Conlon is a successful real estate broker, and one of the first developers to use condominiums to revitalize communities across the United States.

Sidney Torres IV is a entrepreneur and investor from New Orleans, and is responsible for several real estate developments. Most notably, Torres is know for his innovative companies, such as SDT Waste and Debris services for the French Quarter and The FQ Task Force, a crowd sourcing policing app used in the French Quarter.

Torres and Conlon, in eight one-hour episodes, will explore the struggle of property investments, and help failing investors reach new financial heights. The two real estate moguls will counsel struggling investors, provide financial investments to promising plans and even take over current developments with the assistance of the investor to ensure the properties success.

Torres and Conlon will work on several projects, ranging from family homes to multi-unit developments.

Torres’s most recent project in New Orleans is a planned apartment complex located by the Laffite Greenway.