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Four listed houses with beautiful kitchens

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Houses with great-looking kitchens just in time for Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many people put their kitchens in high gear to prepare for the food festivities. But sometimes its not about the food during the cooking season. It’s about the kitchen.

Here is a super gallery of four houses on the market with exceptionally-styled kitchens, from simple to simply amazing.

1. 1725 ESPLANADE Avenue

Built in 1851 is a five bedroom mansion located on Esplanade Avenue. What’s to love beyond its high ceilings, large rooms and modern renovations? It’s kitchen, of course. And that makes this kitchen so ironic. Interior designers utilized clean, streamline look with stainless steel appliances. And, in this case, being simple works really well. The asking price is $1.695 million.

2. 2321 Coliseum Street

This 4170 square-foot Coliseum Street home was built in 1868, and has four bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a half bathroom. What makes this house’s kitchen significant is its beautifully finished counter tops and island. Coupled with is spacious design, it would make cooking with a Thanksgiving family team a dream. The asking price is $1.15 million.

3. 833 ESPLANADE Avenue

This spacious Creole cottage is a neat building on its block. The house has high ceilings, hardwood floors and four bedrooms, and is living history being built in 1836. But what makes this place special is its eccentric kitchen design. From the ground up is a New Orleans-centered expression embodied in visual art. It’s is simply one of a kind. The asking price is $1.650 million.

4. 808 Baronne Street

The last house on the block is a masonry warehouse built in 1876 that has been converted into a house. Along with its conversion comes some distinctive renovations. Most notably is the kitchen’s modern-historic mix design. The cabinets have a beautiful wood finished, and the kitchen keeps its original brick design-layout. The house has an interestingly-detailed kitchen sink. Coupled with its black cabinet finish, the house’s kitchen has an original and attractive design. The asking price is $2.595 million.