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City Park board will consider public ideas on land developments

The possibility of the land use is endless

New Orleans City Park is considering new ideas on developments for its 250-acre plot of land, which is currently the City Park Golf Course. The land is bounded by the I-610, Wisner Avenue and Harrison Avenue.

According to, the space has several potential uses that will be considered in the next few months. City Park staff members held public workshops regarding the land, with the most recent meeting on November 16.

Possible uses for the land include a maintained lawn, an expanded area for Grow Dat Farm, several volleyball courts, and a natural meadow habitat. However, there are several plans still floating around, not including what the board has in mind.

The City Park board met last Tuesday to discuss ideas considered at the Public Workshops. Before the plan for the land is set, it will first go through a City Park committee of development and then finalized by the park’s board.

While the New Orleans public helped develop ideas for the park, the City Park board has the final input on the plan, according to the Mid-City Messenger.

According to City Park officials, the final development has to generate funds for the park. While the public has several ideas to use for the land, the park has to abide by its budget, and continue to sustain the area once the plan is completed.

The project may utilize public funding for the project, and will also fundraise for developments.