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New Orleans expected to undergo 127 road projects by 2018

Up to 30 projects are expected to start by July 2018

New Orleans is expected to complete $2.4 billion in repairs over the next eight years, according to the City.

In an interview with, Department of Public Works Director Cedric Grant said the city is preparing for several construction projects, following the 2017 budget review. He said the work will create jobs for thousands of New Orleanians.

Up to 30 projects may be underway by July 2017, and up to 127 will be in progress by 2018.

While the city plans for 2.4 Billion in construction, it won’t happen all at once. Grant said the construction plans are so massive, it would shut the entire city down.

The city is working with several small businesses that may be affected by the planned constructions. Starting November 2, Grant said the city will deliver a toolkit to help small businesses deal with the inconvenience. The kit will include suggestions on signage, and how to develop relationships with construction workers.