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Contemporary multi-use property lists for $1.325 Million

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It has an amazing view of the Mississippi river

New Orleans is known for its original, classic architecture. But sometimes, architects and designers like to switch it up.

A contemporary multi-use property, with a building design based on steel and concrete, is up for sale in Uptown.

The house is crafted by Danny Keifer, who has worked on the house for over 10 years.

“I think my home exemplifies strength, function, quality, & beauty offering a contemporary feel with handcrafted, artisian details, unobstructed views of the river, and a true connection with the natural surroundings,” Keifer wrote in his house description.

The multiuser property is divided into a residential and commercial property. The properties have separate addresses and utilities.

On the first floor is a separate commercial property that can be converted into an artist, movie or recording studio.

On the second floor, there is over 2300 square feet of space, leaving room for a large open floor plan, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an upper deck area.

Love the Mississippi river? The craftsman does too. The Zimpel residence overlooks the Mississippi river.

Keifer is selling the property privately for $1.325 million.

To see more of 8630 Zimple, click here.