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Nola ranks fourth as most fun city in the United States

City ranks highest in its nightlife and party scene

By William Metcalf Jr via Wikimedia Commons

According to a September study by, New Orleans ranks fourth as the most fun city out of 150 largest cities in the United States.

WalletHub evaluated 51 attributes, which were put into three categories: Entertainment and recreation, night life and parties, and costs of staying in the city and participating in the activities.

New Orleans ranked just behind (3) Miami, (2) Orlando and (1) Las Vegas in the most fun cities in the United States. Baton Rouge, the only other city from Louisiana on this list, ranked 25 out of 150.

In individual categories, New Orleans ranked fifth for Most Festivals per person, 19th for overall Entertainment and Recreational activities and 74th for the cost of hospitality and participation in activities.

On the nightlife scale, New Orleans ranked third, just behind (2) Miami and (1) Las Vegas.