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New Orleans ranks fourth for best large college city in the United States

Baton Rouge and Shreveport trail far behind

New Orleans may not be the most affordable city to live in, but it is a fun city, especially for college students.

According to a WalletHub study that evaluated 415 cities in the United States, New Orleans ranks No. 4 out of 62 when comparing cities with more than 300,000 people. Out of all 415 cities, New Orleans ranks No. 27 in best college city in the United States.

The study was targeted towards college students that are considering attending four-year institutions in other cities. The survey looked at 26 indicators to determine how fun and livable the city is for college students. Indicators included availability of part-time jobs, rent, activities and transportation around the city.

New Orleans ranked first in night life option and 20th in quality of higher education. New Orleans also ranked 152nd for the cost of higher education, and 201st for share of rental units.

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Large cities that rank higher than New Orleans include Atlanta, Austin and Pittsburgh.

Baton Rouge, ranked No. 17 for mid-size college cities, while Shreveport trailed behind at No. 101.

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