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Curbed Cup round 1: The results

Readers chose the final four neighborhoods to face off next week

Curbed Cup 2016 bracket list

After a grueling week of competition, the first round of Curbed Cup 2016 is over. However, there are still two more weeks of competition!

Here’s the recap of this past week:

On the first day of Round 1 of Curbed Cup 2016, the up-and-coming Mid-City neighborhood crushed the historic Uptown district in user votes.

On Tuesday, Algiers Point, winner of the 2015 Curbed Cup, faced the Lower 9 and won by a landslide. Will Algiers Point be the second neighborhood, after Bywater to win Curbed Cup twice in a row? It is clearly well-loved by our readers, but only time will tell.

On Wednesday the underdog, Garden District, surprisingly beat the 2014 Curbed Cup Winner Bywater. Never underestimate the power of the vote.

On the last day of Round 1, the Treme and the French Quarter neighborhoods duked it out in a close race, resulting in Treme being victorious.

Stay tuned for next week’s Round 2 of Curbed Cup, the final four neighborhoods fight for a chance to be deemed Curbed Cup 2016 winner.

Also, don’t forget to vote, and to tell you neighbors to vote, to shape Curbed Cup 2016 history!