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City Council approves Mid-City, Parkview local historic districts

Regulations take place on January 1, 2017

On last Friday, City Council approved the creation of the Mid-City and Parkview Local Historic Districts. Under this new jurisdiction, homeowners in the designated areas must consult with the Historic District Landmarks Commission before regarding any planned demolition.

According to official press release of City Council, Historic Preservation Study Committee suggested the Mid-City Local Historic District and the Parkview Local Historic District.

The regulations will take effect on January 1, 2017.

The City Council approved the two neighborhoods because of their present neighborhood architecture, and the motivation of the city to protect historic landmarks and buildings.

The new Historic District will be bordered by City Park Avenue, St. Louis Street, North Claiborne Avenue and Interstate 10, according to the City Council’s press release.

The Parkview Local Historic District include parts of Moss, St. Louis and North Rocheblave streets and City Park, Esplanade and Orleans avenues, the Council said.

Before Mid-City and Parkview were under the Historic District, residents in those neighborhood had report to the City Planning Commission.

In late September, the City Planning Commission approved a preliminary jurisdiction on South Carrolton and St. Charles avenues the would be under the Historic District Landmarks Commission.

[Correction 12/20/16: New construction will not be under the jurisdiction of the Historic District Landmarks Commission, only demolitions in the juridiction.]