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Mayor highlights NOLA’s 2016 Infrastructure accomplishments

The city still has a lot more pot holes to fill.

On Monday, December 21, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu highlighted some of the city’s infrastructure accomplishments in 2016.

Landrieu said that improving infrastructure in New Orleans was a top priority in 2016 and will continue to be one in the coming years.

“With all of this work now fully coordinated, we are working harder than ever to build a stronger, more resilient city as we approach New Orleans’ 300th anniversary in 2018,” Landrieu said in an official release from the office of the Mayor.

According to the Mayor’s office, in 2016 the city has secured over $2 billion in FEMA funding to repair Katrina-related damages that continue to plague the city. The funds will will be used to service several roads and subsurface infrastructure.

Additionally, the city has completed 25 roadway projects in 2016. Considering those projects, New Orleans created 4.48 miles of bike paths and has repaved over 15 miles of streets in 2016.

The Department of Public Works reported filling over 114,000 pot holes, and has installed 5,100 new traffic signs and 1,133 new permanent street name signs throughout this year. Additionally, over 99 percent of the city’s streetlights are operational and over 78 percent of the streetlights are using LED technology.

In October, Mayor Landrieu proposed his 2017 budget. Out of the $871 Million allocated to construction, $480 Million of that budget be allocated to several roadway projects. According to the office of the mayor, over 125 projects will begin by May 1, 2018.