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Curbed Cup round 2: The results

The final round takes place next week!

Curbed Cup Round 2 - The Final Four - is over. After a grueling match between the last four winners, only two neighborhoods remain.

If you missed last week’s results, check them out here.

Here’s the recap of this past week:

On the first day of the Final Four, Mid-City won against Treme in a landslide.

On Tuesday, the Garden District, which won by a majority last week, lost to Algiers Point, the 2015 Curbed Cup winner.

Next week, the face off continues in the final round of Curbed Cup 2016. The up-and-coming Mid-City Neighborhood faces off against the 2015 Curbed Cup champion.

Stay tuned for next week’s Round 2 of Curbed Cup, the final four neighborhoods fight for a chance to be deemed Curbed Cup 2016 winner.

Also, don’t forget to vote, and to tell you neighbors to vote, to shape Curbed Cup 2016 history!