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NOLA mayor announces new security measures for New Year celebration

Several high profile events will take place in the city.

New Year’s on Bourbon Street.
Photo by Bart Everson, via Wikimedia Commons

After the recent Bourbon Street shooting, many people were concerned about they safety in New Orleans and how it might affect Tourism traffic.

In mid-December, CNN and Dick Clark Productions announce they would both host live broadcast in the French Quarter on New Year's Eve. The 11th annual Allstate Fan Fest and the Annual Allstate Sugar Bowl will also commence in the city during the New Year Weekend.

This past Tuesday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced updated plans to keep the city of New Orleans, especially the French Quarter safe during the holiday season.

According to the office of the Mayor, the city will install temporary light towers for better visibility, supply both NOPD and Louisiana State Police personnel to patrol the French Quarter, and special operation units policing Bourbon Street and other highly populated areas during the events.

From Saturday, December 31, to Tuesday, January 3, vehicles will not be allowed on the 100 to 800 block of the street from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m.

With more security in the French Quarter, visiting New Orleans to celebrate New Year's Eve, or to visit some of the New Orleans iconic places, vacationing should be a breeze.