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Curbed Cup 2016: NOLA’s greatest neighborhood

Now accepting nominations for this year’s cup

The holiday season is about the gift of giving, and about Curbed Cup. As we approach the third annual Curbed Cup competition, Curbed NOLA is now accepting nominations for the best neighborhood of 2016.

The Curbed Cup is a fun and friendly competition between neighborhoods. During the tournament, we celebrate local pride, growth, and development between the different neighborhoods in New Orleans.

Local pride and enthusiasm have been responsible for past winners, such as the Bywater in 2014, and, most recently, Algiers Point in 2015.

This year, eight neighborhoods will face off in a bracketed, March Madness-styled tournament. The best part is that out readers choose which eight neighborhoods face off against each other.

Interested in nominating your neighborhood? Submit your recommendation in the comments below, or shoot us an email.

But, wait! When submitting a neighborhood, you have to explain why your neighborhood blossomed in 2016.

Feel free to list developmental achievements, neighborhood changes, new restaurants and services, or any thing else that makes your favorite neighborhood stand out.

The third annual Curbed Cup starts now.

Which New Orleans neighborhood will reign supreme? The choice is yours.