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New Orleans-based interior designers cast in The Property Brothers’ local show

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The New Orleans-based season has two remaining episodes

Kelly Sutton, Johnathon Scott, Sarah james Moss and Drew Scott, cast of HGTV’s “Brother Take New Orleans”
All photos courtesy of Kelly Sutton

It’s been nearly a month since the premiere of “Brothers Take New Orleans,” a house-building spin-off featuring The Property Brothers. This time, the series’ brothers brought it home, featuring two New Orleans-based interior designers.

The new show aired on November 23 on HGTV. The final two episodes will air December 7 and December 14 at 8 p.m. central time.

“Brothers Take New Orleans” showcases Johnathan and Drew Scott, also known as The Property Brothers, competing in a challenge to remodel the best rendition of a double shotgun home. Both brothers have $100,000 each to make their projects come to life during the season.

The brothers also developed separate teams after a rigorous interview process to design their project homes. Each team has an individual interior designer. Sarah James Moss and Kelly Sutton, two New Orleans based-designers, have both cast in the show.

Sutton is an National Council for Interior Design Qualification certified and a LEED Accredited New Orleans-based designer. The interior designer launched her own interior design firm, Sutton House, in 2012. Sutton is assisting Johnathan Scott with his vintage remix of the New Orleans Shotgun.

Moss is a New Orleans-based Designer and the owner of Moss manor, which is a online boutique that has a variety of modern finishings and home decor. Drew Scott and Moss are partnering together to create a rustic modern renovation of the shotgun house design.

Both designers have worked with The Property Brothers in June of 2016.

Interested in the items used for the interior design? You can find a running list of all of the items used at Joss and Main.

The Property Brothers restored their historic-styled homes in the Treme neighborhood. After the homes were completed, The St. Bernard Project, a national non-profit committed to disaster recovery and resilience, donated the houses to two families in need.

SBP also provided construction crews and volunteers to assist in the completion of the project.