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Mid-City, Parkview historic districts: Vote postponed to mid-December

Pushed back after the Airbnb vote.

New Orleans City Council postponed its decision to place parts of Mid-City and the Parkview neighborhood under the Historic District Landmarks Commission, according to Mid-City Messenger.

City Council will resume its decision on December 15, but will have until January 4, 2017, to make a final decision. Discussion of Airbnb regulations may have pushed discussions for the Historic District Landmarks Commission.

City Council approved a measure that includes most of the Uptown and Carrollton earlier this year.

In late September, the City Planning Commission approved preliminary jurisdiction on South Carrolton and St. Charles avenues the would be under the Historic District Landmarks Commission. Under this commission, homeowners in the designated areas must consult with the Historic District Landmarks Commission before any renovations or constructions affecting the exterior of the property.

However, some neighborhood associations are not happy with the new jurisdiction. In October, The Tulane-Canal neighborhood associations asked to be exempt from the updated mid-City jurisdiction under review.