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Mid-City Equity Circle to be unveiled December 11

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Its one of eight circles to be created across New Orleans

Welcome Table of New Orleans’ Carrolton Circle
Photo courtesy of Office of the Mayor

After a few months of construction, the Welcome Table of New Orleans’ Carrolton Circle is completed.

Officially deemed the Carrolton Equity Circle, the new site will be publicly unveiled on Sunday, December 11, at 2 p.m, according to the Office of the Mayor. The Equity Circle is located on the neutral ground at Jefferson Davis Parkway and Cleveland Avenue.

The project was led by the Carrollton Neighborhood Group in collaboration with the Department of Parks and Parkways. The neighborhood group submitted a proposal for the public circle in August of 2016.

The new equity circle is a paved circle with a blue and white compass rose in its middle. The design symbolizes the location being in the center of New Orleans, located in Mid-City, and a common ground between communities.

The circle will be used as a common ground to host community-centered meetings and activities for residents across different neighborhoods.

The Carrollton Equity Circle is one of eight planned by the Carrollton Circle of the Welcome Table New Orleans. Each circle will serve as visual encouragement of unity across the city, and neighborhoods in New Orleans.

"We applaud the Welcome Table New Orleans Carrollton Circle for their inspiring efforts to tackle the issues of race, reconciliation and community through this citywide initiative," Deputy Mayor Judy Reese Morse said in a prepared statement.