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People Are Upset About a Proposed $4M Sports Complex at The Fly in Audubon Park

The Carrollton Boosters, a nonprofit children's sports organization, wants to build a $4 million sports complex at the Fly—the waterfront portion of Audubon Park—and many are not happy about this.

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Conversations on Facebook about the proposed complex began to build as the group Save the Fly NOLA planned a picnic and protest, held yesterday at the park.

Carrollton Boosters, in partnership with Audubon Commission, the public arm of the Audubon Nature Institute, and some high-dollar donors including Tom and Gayle Benson, Drew Brees' family, and companies Tabasco and Iberia Bank, want to build a complex that would accommodate soccer, football, kickball, and lacrosse.

While those in favor of the complex see it as a way to increase sports opportunities for New Orleans children, opponents see the project as over-privatization of the space where visitors can get a stellar view of the Mississippi River.

There are also concerns over whether Carrollton Boosters is really inclusive, since participants must pay a fee. Also, a viewing stage built by artist Steve Kline and architect Michael Nius through an Arts Council of New Orleans grant will have to be taken down to build the new complex.

What's next? Audubon Commission, the Carrollton Boosters and members of Save the Fly will attend a community development this Wednesday at 2 p.m. at City Hall.

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