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New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board Getting 'Green Roof' to Deal With Rainwater

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The whole city is thinking about new ways of dealing with rain water right now, so it makes sense that New Orleans' water utility is doing the same.

The New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board unveiled a plan this week to add a sprouting "green roof" on top of its Lee Circle headquarters. The Milwaukee-based company Hanging Gardens will execute the $324,000 project, which will "cover the 10,000-square-foot roof with dirt and grass."

The project is part of the S&WB's pledge to spend $500,000 a year for five years on "green infrastructure." Most of that money will go toward the green roof, but other projects include a 600-foot-long bioswale along Coliseum Square Park and the Aurora Rain Garden, designed to collect and filter rainwater, next to a sewer pump station in Algiers.

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