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City Council Says 'Nothing Can Be Done' to Stop Sports Complex at the Fly

Yesterday City Council hosted an impassioned meeting for those for and against the Carrollton Boosters' proposed $4 million sports complex at the Fly in Audubon Park. However, the council said there's nothing they can really do to stop the complex from happening.

But some City Council members did give a stern talking-to to the Audubon Commission for not doing a great job at reaching out to the public before approving the project, which has been one of the main sources of frustration among the project's opponents.

Of the Fly's 40.5 acres, the proposed complex would take up 2.5 acres of space (currently sports facilities take up 15.5 acres of space at the park).

Over at the Save the Fly NOLA Facebook page, where you can see a full video of the meeting, opponents are discussing next steps. The group will meet this weekend to "plan the future strategy."

· Opponents of soccer complex on "The Fly" vent frustrations to City Council, but members say nothing can be done [The Advocate]