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Just in Time for Mardi Gras, Cab Drivers File a Lawsuit Against Uber Drivers

It's cabs versus Uber yet again. After trying to block Uber from entering the market with its UberX service last spring, cab drivers are banding together to sue specific Uber drivers who do not have state chauffeur's licenses or commercial driver's licenses.

State law requires drivers to have these licenses to pick up passengers; Uber does not. The city passed an ordinance allowing the ride-sharing service in New Orleans in April 2015.

The lawsuit suggests that few, if any, Uber drivers in New Orleans have these licenses, and the city's ordinance allowing Uber "amounts to unfair business practice because UberX drivers are not required to go through the same background check or have the same expensive equipment required of traditional cabs."

Recently, Jefferson Parish sued the company for allowing drivers without commercial or chauffeur licensees to pick up fares, and currently Uber and parish officials are working on a compromise.

Uber: just the free-market doing its thang, or truly an unfair business practice?

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