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How Much Space Will the Proposed Sports Complex at the Fly Really Occupy?

It depends on how you define "open space"

Opponents and supporters of the proposed Carrollton Boosters sports complex at the Fly are fighting with maps. As Carrollton Boosters, or any supporter of the project, produces a map illustrating that the complex isn't going to take up that much space, an opponent creates his or her own map showing the opposite. It's all very confusing.

So how much space is the complex supposed to take up, anyway? As Robert McClendon reports, the discrepancy among backers and opponents lies in how each side defines "open space."

The Audubon Commission, the stewards of the park, and the Carrollton Boosters, say the complex would take up 2.5 acres, leaving "25.5 acres, more than half the total area of the park" as "open space."

But opponents say three large soccer fields and several baseball diamonds already occupy the park, and that the complex is set to take up twice the amount of space than what is being proposed. An opponent produced a map showing the complex taking up 6 acres of space, leaving only 11.5 acres of open space when factoring in roads and "unusable spaces."

So, who's right? While opponents accuse the Boosters of disseminating "propaganda," there is just a difference in what both sides are calling "open spaces."

The Boosters are considering the public areas around the playing areas, including "roads, parking lots and (a) proposed concession building," as "open spaces." So even though you can't have a picnic on a parking lot, it's still free to the public to use. But since opponents consider "open spaces" to mean spaces for passive recreation, therein lies the discrepancy.

The article says the two sides are scheduled to meet again in hopes of reaching a compromise. But with local diety Drew Brees on the project's side, this might not bode well for opponents.

With soccer complex, The Fly would be overrun by ballfields, detractors say []

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