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Call for Submissions: See Your Home Featured On Curbed!

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Whatever it is you call home, we want to see it—and share it

Curbed NOLA just launched its House Calls series, taking readers inside the homes of New Orleanians (you can also look inside the homes of New Yorkers, Angelenos, San Franciscans, Chicago residents, and more), and effective immediately, we're looking for volunteers with beautiful, offbeat, eclectic, or just refreshingly cozy dwellings to invite us in for a visit and a photo shoot.

Maybe you live in a formerly blighted shotgun you brought back to life with a top-to-bottom renovation, or you've given a modern update to an old Victorian. Perhaps you're living in a place with an interesting history—like Jessica Kinnison's St. Roch home (we're definitely also interested in places that might be haunted). Maybe you took a rental and made it your own. Did you build some weird feature in your home (like a conversation pit)? Are you a part of the micro-living, minimalist trend? Whatever it is you call home, we want to see it—and share it.

If you would like to be considered for a story, send us an email (put "House Calls" in the subject line, please) with a couple of photos of your place. Tell us something about it: where it is; how many people live there; and a few words about your style and your stuff. Also feel free to nominate your shy friends! (With their permission, of course.) Sorry brokers and landlords, we are only looking to feature homes and apartments that are neither for sale or rent. Let's do this.

Inside a St. Roch Home That Doubles as Space for Community [Curbed NOLA]