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Delightful Lake Terrace Midcentury Modern, a Time Capsule of the Late 50s, Asks $625K

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It's Asian kitsch meets David Lynch

There's a huge midcentury modern (5,874 square feet!) in Lake Terrace that was built in the late 50s and has been left pretty much unchanged ever since. Now this truly delightful property is on the market.

Designed by Dutch architect H. Van Rappard, who designed many commercial buildings in New Orleans, the home's decor is Asian kitsch meets David Lynch: Japan-inspired murals decorate the walls, lighting fixtures have an Asian flair, there's black-and-white-checkered floors, and a barroom (with booze!) with floor-to-ceiling scarlet curtains.

Other bizarre details include a solarium with a round bed right in the middle.

Of course, the home includes many decor trends that we thankfully left in the 50s, like the luminescent kitchen ceiling and the staid bathroom wallpaper. But there is a big pool, something that never goes out of style.

How much for this retro palace? $625,000. (It previously listed in October 2015 at $750,000.)

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