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Jefferson Parish to Look Into Short-Term Rental Regulations, Too

A recent Airbnb search produced 300 listings in Metairie

Jefferson Parish might not be a huge tourist destination—but that's not stopping the parish from getting in on the fun of looking into short-term rental regulations!

Taking the lead of neighbor Orleans Parish, which is in the process of solidifying regulations on short-term rentals, Jefferson Parish officials want to look into current laws regarding Airbnb and similar services to see if tweaks are in order.

Apparently, an Airbnb search this week produced 300 listings in Metairie alone, and Councilwoman-at-Large Cynthia Lee-Sheng says residents have called to complain about their neighbors renting out their homes using the service.

If Jefferson's debate on short-term rentals is anywhere as long and contentious as Orleans has, we're wishing you luck.

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